A few of my favorite things …

Phew, finally a non recipe post.

I have been buying way too many hair and makeup products recently, but I LOVE them all so I thought I’d share them with you!

Let’s start with hair. I am always trying to find hair products that make my hair feel healthy, thick and smooth. I’ve always felt like to get the really good stuff you gotta spend the money. Not true. Most of the products I have gotten that work really well are not at a bad price tag at all.

One of my favorite brands is, “Not Your Mother’s” … I love ALL their products. Honestly.


I hate the feeling of dry hair. hate it. Every once in a while my hair gets like this and it drives me crazy, especially when I can’t find anything to fix it. Just a couple weeks ago I started using Coconut Water Hydration Oil. LIFE SAVER. This stuff works so well. I noticed a difference even after my first use and as a bonus it smells SO good.


Ok let me share with you one more of my favorite hair products. DETANGLER. I’ve never really used a bad hair detangler but the one I now use is my favorite. I’m used to spraying all over so I can easily brush through my wet hair but this product I just do a quick spray underneath and on top then I’m ready to brush or comb through. Works great!


Alright for now I am just gonna share one of my favorite makeup brands but I’ll be back soon to share more! But lets start with one of my most recent favorites, SMASHBOX. I just LOVE all their stuff. Their lip gloss/lip stick colors are FAB. I love nudes and light pinks personally and they have a great selection of those and all other shades as well.


I’ll be sharing some more of my favorite hair/ makeup products again soon! Thanks for stopping by!



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