It’s been a while …

Hello Everyone!

Summer has been crazy and I’ve been super busy BUT I’m back to share some exciting news …

This coming fall I am starting Beauty School and I couldn’t be more excited! Hair and makeup have always been a fascination of mine. Over these past couple of years that fascination has turned into a passion. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to make ladies feel their prettiest whether that be by doing their hair, makeup or both!

I’ve done a post before about a few of my favorite hair products but today I’m gonna switch it up and do some makeup/face products.

Today I had the day off and decided to make a trip to Ulta (the best hair/makeup store EVER) to re supply some of my products and of course to get some new ones as well.

Let’s start with some face primers since thats the first step in my daily routine …

IMG_0154  Ok so let me be honest, I haven’t used this one yet BUT I watch so many (literally hundreds) of youtube makeup tutorial videos and almost everyone uses this primer and raves about it – so today I got it and I’m super excited to use it!

IMG_0159 Next I have the NYX CC color correcting primer creme … this stuff is a miracle worker. I always use this after my primer to get rid of any redness. This stuff does exactly what is says – it’s the best. If you ever have redness after washing your face in the morning then this is your go to! This you can just get at target!

IMG_0160 Ok I cannot rave enough about this product. First off, BareMinerals is one of my favorite brands. You always see those tutorial videos where the girl will put on her first foundation and already looks like she has flawless skin? well I always do and I’ve been so annoyed that I could never find a product that does that until I found THIS. You also barely need to put any on so this little bottle lasts forever.

IMG_0151 Here is another product that I have not used yet but I got this one today because I always hear about eyelash primers making such a difference with the end result of your eyelashes so will definitely give this one a try tomorrow!

IMG_0152 Weird name for a mascara, I know but honestly discovering this mascara a little over a year ago has been the best thing ever. I have very short eyelashes so any mascara that can give them some length and volume will be my new best friend and this one does the job! I was so obsessed with this after I first bought it that I made my best friend go buy it as well and now she’s hooked.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158 Finally I got myself to spend the money to get this FABULOUS highlighter kit. Anastasia Beverly Hills, another one of my favorite makeup brands (especially their dipbrow eyebrow filler) has a few of these beautiful glow highlighter and contouring kits. They are so SPARKLY I love it. I just bought this one today but I had to try it as soon as I got home and it comes out just as pretty as it looks.

IMG_0156 I have found this finishing powder to be my favorite out of a bunch that I’ve tried. NYX is also a really great brand that is affordable and available at target! (always a plus, who doesn’t love target) I really love this finishing powder because it not only blends everything together really well but it does a good job of keeping my makeup in place and set for the day.

Last but not least …

IMG_0161 IMG_0162

My best friend just got me this NAKED urban decay (another FABULOUS brand) eyeshadow pallet for my birthday and I cannot stop using it. ITS SO PRETTY. I love all the colors in it and I hope I don’t use it all up too quick!

Thanks for checking back in and I’ll try my best to be posting more often! 🙂




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