Magazine Inspirations

Every time I go to Michael’s or any craft store with my mom I always pick up one of those “DIY projects under $20” magazines off the shelf. They are so appealing! This particular magazine I picked up had a picture on front of this bedroom set up and there was this wicked cute antique blue dresser and it had a little bubble next to it that said “DIY dresser look inside”. They had gotten an old dresser for $10 at a yard sale and took it home and re painted it and added on some super cute flower knobs. After seeing this I told my mom to be on the lookout for an old antique looking bedside table. I thought this would be super cute to do with a little table to make into a new bedside table for me! My mom ended up finding one for free! and it was perfect, just what I was looking for. My mom brought it home and I sanded it then went to Home Depot to buy some paint. I really wanted to do a pretty blue like this dresser was in the magazine. I found the perfect shade of blue and went home and got to work painting. I am going to be painting my room a light yellow soon so I thought this blue would look great against the pale yellow walls.

Here it is!

PicMonkey Collage2

Thanks for stopping by!

-Hailey Kristin


pinterest projects

Want a fun easy project to do that you can hang on your wall in your room? I found this DIY project on pinterest and thought it looked super cute and girly!

All you need is:

  • a wooden letter
  • a good amount of fake flowers
  • super glue
  • string

Eventually I will hang mine up on my wall after my room is painted!

The one on the left is the one I saw on Pinterest and the one on the right is my attempt at it 🙂 IMG_6584

a quick trip down south

This past weekend I was able to make a trip down to North Carolina to visit my best friend. I hadn’t seen her since January, so basically in forever. Unfortunately I had some flight problems on my way down. After getting on the plane we had a 3 hour delay due to the plane being over fueled. Thinking this was just going to take a couple minutes to take out some of this fuel it ended up being way longer than anyone on the plane thought. Lets just say people were going to miss their connections to their destinations and this plane was full of a lot of unhappy people. Thankfully I had just one flight and didn’t have to make a connection. Finally, 3 hours after I was supposed to arrive in Charlotte I landed. On friday night we went to a Charlotte Checkers hockey game which was a blast! The place was packed and had so much energy. We also spent that afternoon walking around Charlotte and eating at a wicked good irish pub! It was really fun being able to be shown around her area and where she grew up. I knew the south was different from the north but it really is crazy how different things are. This weekend was so much fun and I was definitely in need of some best friend time.




-Hailey Kristin

spring is in the air

Finally the weather is starting to warm up and I hope and pray that no more snow is on the way! The snow is melting and we can finally see some of the grass again. Never thought I’d be so excited to see my driveway and grass again. My mom and I went to Home Depot the other day to grab some paint and we came across these beautiful spring flowers. They were so bright and cheery! Just a few more weeks (hopefully) and we will be able to plant some flowers! 🙂



Saturday morning Antiquing

This freezing cold snowy morning my mom and I decided to go to a little antique shop about a half hour away. A lady my mom knows has some of her things for sale in this shop so we decided to check it out. I’m not usually into antique shopping but this place had lots of really cute decorative items. I’ve been a mood to re-do my room and I was on the lookout for some cute decor while we were at this antique shop and I found a couple little things and a big pillow that says “believe in yourself” that I had to get!

Here are some pictures of this cute place!






HGTV addict


HGTV has become one of my favorite tv networks recently. actually, it’s all I watch. I love watching all these different home remodeling shows and seeing what a difference they can make on a house. it’s inspiring! one of my favorite ones is “Fixer Upper” which is hosted by a couple who will help whoever it is to find a home that is a good amount under their budget and then use the rest of the money for renovation. they always do such an awesome job and make it look brand new!

here is the link to their show and some of the homes they have done:

I really love some of the items she puts in these homes that make a statement. Here is their official website for you to check out! Her shop is on here also which includes items from the houses they have done.

I picked up this magazine (in the picture up top) at JoAnn Fabrics today to look at while I am home sick. It has lots of great DIY project ideas for under $20! I love the idea of getting something old and cheap and re-doing it and being creative with it.

Here are some really cute and simple ways to spice up some things in your house!

IMG_6064 IMG_6065 IMG_6066

And He is Good


“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good…” -Psalm 136:1

Scripture reminds us again and again of the goodness and greatness of God. Psalm 145 says, “The Lord is good to all.” Every human being gets to experience this goodness of God. God’s goodness and greatness come from his character and his love for his children. The goodness of God is shown through his creations and his accomplishments. The goodness of God can most definitely be a personal thing. When we sing the words, “God is so good; He is so good to me” we can all sing this sing this song because He is good to each of us personally, in ways that meet our own individual needs. His goodness draws us nearer to Him. It gives us security and encouragement.

Psalm 34 is a great passage to read when thinking about God’s goodness and giving thanks and praise to him for it.

-Hailey Kristin